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EKPIZO is conducting an on line open survey (https://www.ekpizo.gr/questionnaire_about_energy), until the end of June 2018, with the title "Do you know what you spend on electricity?". Ekpizo wishes to collect exploratory information (qualitative information for the purposes of better understanding the energy market situation) and quantitative information (to test specific hypotheses that have previously been generated for the specific market). The purpose of the questionnaire is the creation of a report highlighting and underpinning the problems that the consumers are facing during the liberalization of the energy Greek market, such as, electricity bills, the situation regarding the energy poverty, the reasons of the concentration on the retail electricity market and specifically studying the factors influencing consumers to become active players in the energy world. This report will be used for internal and external reasons, i.e to evaluate-verify-review(if nessecary) our strategy on energy issues, for lobbying and publicity.

Many of the questions relate to the content and calculation of the energy bill (how clear, transparent and fair is for energy users), electricity consumption (how much they are spending), specific adaptations of energy saving practices in their homes (which methods), on what consumers think of the Greek electricity market under liberalization and the distortions that are facing with the suppliers in the retail market (the lack of transparency in the switching process concerning the supplier’s offers, with respect to pre-contractual information, the package energy-presentation, the contract’s unfair-misleading terms, the complexity of the energy bill).

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