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Collective action is an action that a consumer association may submit under certain conditions, on behalf of all consumers, when their legal rights are violated. EKPIZO' s collective actions concern illegal corporation practices resulting to illegal financial charges for the consumer.

We are the only consumer association that applied successfully the collective action and the potentials provided by the aforementioned law. We have submitted in total 57 collective actions (1996-2014) 47 of which have been judged and 10 have been canceled. From the above, 40 are in favor of the consumer and 7 were dismissed.

Those in favor of the consumer can be applied to all similar corporations and not just to the one which was condemned. The consumer -who holds an interest in the case- must take individual or collective legal action, in order to benefit as an individual. Therefore, thousands of dozens of consumers claimed and achieved the refund of illegally withheld amounts, mainly by banks and insurance companies.

The rulings in favor of EKPIZO' s collective actions are beneficial not only for the improvement of consumer protection but also for the whole of the society, because they contribute in establishing a rule of law and the proper functioning of the market; they limit the illegal practices against the consumers, they create a legal base for the consumers' refund (amounts which were illegally withheld by corporations), they establish the faith of consumers towards consumers' associations.