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By several actions such as criticism on bills, memos, suggestions, letters, studies and surveys, mass mobilizations (collecting signatures , boycotts), disclosure of illegal behavior, complaints to the administration for the imposition of fines, collective actions, and others, we exert pressure on both the authorities and private corporations. This action resulted in the law' s implementation in the vast majority of cases, the improvement of many bills and contributed to more effective consumer protection.

In 2015 we reactivated the collection of signatures in our platform and we collected 136,555 signatures (up until 1-7-2016).


We aim at a better national and european legislative framework shaping for our consumers, in the basis of which the legislation and the court orders shall be explicitly applied. In european level, European Consumers' Organization (BEUC) coordinates our interventions.


We aim at the legislative implementation in order to prevent the violations from the corporations and at the same time we seek and succeed in the vast majority of cases to resolve the problems our members face with specific corporations.


The out-of-court intervention refers to actions that we take in order to resolve our members' problems, prior or without resorting to the Court. An experienced lawyer takes on your case and acts as a mediator by the following actions:

  • He sends a letter to the corporation and claims your request based on legal arguments
  • He is constantly in phone contact with the corporation' s representative in order to find a solution within a short term
  • He informs the state authorities, in order to monitor the case and to impose sanctions when provided
  • He is constantly in contact with you and informs you about the progression of your case

Thereby, during our 27 years of action we achieved our members' refund of more than 18 million euro which have been illegally collected.

However, we don't have the competence to intervene in cases involving public services.


In case the problem is not resolved by extra judicial intervention, the member has always the potential to resort to the Court; this is rare because the expenses and the time needed exceed the financial damage which has been caused.

Collective actions are the common judicial intervention on behalf of our members. They may be introduced when there is a favorable court order concerning one collective action on behalf of at least two or usually more individuals who were harmed by the same corporation and for the exact same matter. Through them the illegally collected amount by the condemned corporations may be refunded. Compared to individual actions, their advantage is the fact that they have lower cost.

During our 27 years of action, we carried out 534 collective actions and we achieved the refund of 4,5 millions € to our members.