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Apart from legal advices, our interventions for the implementation-improvement of the legislation-problem resolution, the judicial actions, the surveys and studies, the realization of projects, the training, the organization of events, international conferences and seminars, the publications, we organize mass protests as well as boycotts.

We undertake the above initiatives when there is a problem concerning a big part of the society and when our members and consumers in general incite us to take these actions.

During our 27 years of action we have carried out 3 successful boycotts against high prices:

  • November 2008: against the National Bank, after the rise of credit cards interest rate
  • June 2008: against dairy companies when the price of milk exceeded €1
  • March 2003: against banks, inciting the consumers to abstain from using their credit cards or taking loans for a specific time period

The most successful in terms of participation and publicity was the one that took place in 2008 in which the President of the Republic showed interest and called us for a meeting.

Also, in the context of our actions for overindebtness we carried out or participated in several mobilizations. Apart from being regularly present in court in order to prevent foreclosures, our most successful mobilization was the collection of signatures in 2013 aiming at the non liberalization of foreclosures in 2014. 131,200 electronic signatures and more than 10,000 hand-written were collected and delivered to the A' vice-President of the Greek Parliament.

In 2015 we reactivated the collection of signatures in our platform and we collected 136,555 signatures (up until 1-7-2016).