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The environment and its protection is one of EKPOIZO' s fields of interest especially in the way environmental protection is directly linked to both consumer behavior and Sustainable Consumption. Our work for the environment is interrelated with other fields in which EKPOIZO is interested and active, such as nutrition, consumer's education, advertising, as well as financial services and is emerging through multiple and different actions in those fields. It includes informational campaigns for the consumers, especially young ones, participation in national and european programs, collaboration with institutions, schools and universities both in national and european level, production of educational material for children, young people and adults.

Our work for the environment is emerging through actions, such as:

Coordination in national level of the European Young consumer competition (1994-1998).
The theme of the 3rd European Young consumer competition in 1996 was "CONSUMER BEHAVIOR'S IMPACT IN THE ENVIRONMENT - How can the harmful effects be reduced and how consumer behavior' s long-term effects in the environment can be controlled?"

The response was high -100 participations, 65 projects- and brought our country in second place throughout Europe . Young consumer's participation reached 700 and their projects were presented to approximately 9,000 students before reaching EKPOIZO.

Numerous speeches to students, parents, associations, conferences, and our members on "Consumption and the Environment".

Participation in national programs, such as the program of the Ministry of Employment and Social Protection (2008 ) that took place in the framework of the project "ACTION AID FOR THE UNEMPLOYED WITH THE ACTIVE PARTICIPATION OF NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATIONS (NGOs)", with the action plan "consume responsibly to protect the environment and health", which aimed to raise high school students' awareness and to develop activities on issues concerning environmental and health protection.

Participation in european programs, such as ECons and Active Citizens, that included the Environment and the Sustainability in their agenda.

Collaboration with schools and teachers under the program "consume responsibly , protect the environment and health", with environmental education specialists in order to support environmental educational programs in schools and with the National Metsovian Polytechnic University for the testing of bottled water.

Writing brochures, such as "You, your diet and the environment", the "Green Consumer Guide" "My cell phone", "Water scarcity although in abundance".

Articles, quiz, questionnaires in EKPOIZO' s magazine, newspapers and more.

Pointing out the problems and judicial claim in the case of Oinofita's irrigation from Asopos river. The judicial claim resulted in provisional and protective measures against Oinofyta' s Municipality for the consumers' protection.

Conducting events, press conferences, festivals on the occasion of topical issues, such as the problem of water waste and overconsumption, the case of Asopos River. The 3-day festival (May 1996) with a variety of events on environment-consumer education and quality of life in general, with theatrical performances, creative workshops for children, organic farming, alternative forms of energy, leaflet distribution, etc. was particularly important.

Participation in committees and work groups of the European Consumers' Organisation (BEUC), for example the group for the security of Products and the Environment and the Energy group.


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