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Enactment of a favourable legislation
We have contributed decisively to the enactment of a favourable legislation ensuring a satisfactory degree of protection of consumers, throughout our active participation in deliberations and legislatorial committees leading to the enablement of the current legal framework (Law 2251/1994 as currently in effect).

Winning 41 Class Actions for legislative contravention due to illegal or misleading advertising
By means of continuous control and constant monitoring of the implementation of the current legislation, we intervened at first extrajudicially on an individual or collective level in cases of breach of the legal framework, and, in case of non-compliance we had recourse to the courts by bringing class action lawsuits. More specifically, we filed:

  • 31 class actions against toy companies and television stations for broadcasting toy advertisements during prohibited advertising times, and
  • 10 class actions in cases of misleading advertising by bank groups, telecommunication companies, slimming centres, etc.

Representation at the Communication Control Board (SEE)
We participate to the Communication Control Board, an independent non-profit urban company aiming at implementing a code of ethics in the field of advertising and at protecting consumers from misleading advertisements.


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