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Why this is important

Just two years ago, we asked for your support, to prevent, by January 2014, the bank foreclosure auctions on the property of overindebted Greek households.

You helped to collect more than 130,000 signatures, which were handed over to the Greek Parliament.

You helped to suspend auctions on foreclosed properties, even for a single year, even with less favorable terms

But now, things are changing for the worse!
The lenders and the Greek government are negotiating to establish new criteria for the protection of the overindebted people’s residence, which are very strict and will result in a huge number of homeless people. We cannot believe that such a collapsed society can be the vision of the political leadership of the country and the European Union.

Together we can stop this non-sense, but we don’t have much time. In the next few days, the government and the lenders will decide on the new criteria. If enough of us take action now, we can prove to the Greek and other European governments that the opening of foreclosures would pose a real threat to Greece's economic- political- social stability, which is desired and necessary more than ever.

So let’s send a crystal clear message: that the Greek people have made extreme sacrifices and that our EU political leaders must now prove that they have the will to protect the vulnerable, indebted citizens who are in danger of becoming homeless and permanently marginalized. Sign the petition now and share it with everyone.

By signing our petition you will help to maintain the most innovative law of Europe, which helped tens of thousands of overindebted Greeks to save their house. When we reach 150.000 signatures, EKPIZO will deliver them to the Greek and other European governments.

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