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Let’s find together the most convenient solution to settle your debts

According to the current legal framework, there are various ways of settling your debts:

  • Out of court (either with the mediation of the Consumers Association, or by adhering to the Code of Conduct)
  • Law on Over-Indebted Households (Ν. 3869/10)
  • Through the Code of Conduct of the Bank of Greece

EKPIZO is a certified institution of out-of-court settlement and undertakes counselling on debt settlement. That is why operates a Department of Over-Indebtedness.

You can call our offices in Athens during weekdays from 10am to 5 pm (on Friday until 3pm) or make an appointment to visit us. What is more, we extended the operation hours of our over-indebtedness counselling line until 5pm every day, except Friday that is until 3pm (contact number: 0030 2103304444 – over-indebtedness line).

Our offices in Thessaloniki are open from 10am to 4 pm (contact number: 0030 2310 257776).

Our offices in Patra are open from 9am to 4pm (contact number: 0030 2610 222626).

Law on Over-Indebted Households (Ν. 3869/10)

In order for EKPIZO to contribute to your debt settlement effort, you should follow these steps:

STEP 1: Print the detailed debt list application as many times as the banks you are indebted to. Fill in the application with the numbers of banking products you are indebted to each bank and file it to any bank branch. The response will be provided in ten (10) business days.

STEP 2: Print, fill in and sign a solemn declaration, membership application and out-of-court settlement application. Instructions are provided in the following attachment.

STEP 3: Make a simple (not certified) copy of:

  • Your identity card
  • The notice of income tax assessment of the last three years
  • The E1 form of the last three years
  • The E9 and ETAK (unified property tax) forms
  • (If any) Denounced loan contracts
  • The last payslip (or pension statement, or unemployment card)
  • In case of previous commercial activity, certificate of business cessation by the pertinent IRS
  • Other certificates (health conditions etc.)

STEP 4: Bring the aforementioned certificates to our offices (Athens: 17, Stournari st., 2nd floor; Thessaloniki: 7, Aristotelous st., 2nd floor; Patra: 51, Filopoimenos st., 2nd floor) from 10am to 5pm (without appointment).

In case you live in provincial territory you may send the aforementioned certificates via courier or registered mail. After 3-4 days contact us to make sure the certificates were delivered successfully and that your file is complete.

Provided your file is complete, we will make an appointment in order for you to meet or speak on the phone (in case you reside in the province) with our legal representative. Our legal representative will examine your file and help you settle your debts.

Code of Conduct of the Bank of Greece

According to the Code of Conduct of the Bank of Greece, as far as the debt settlement is concerned, you may find more information here.



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