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Attention! The update of pending applications of over-indebted natural persons ends in February 14th, 2016. 
Joint Ministerial Decision number 8686 (GG B’ 2208, 14/10/2015) specifies the certificates that applicants need to present to the Court’s Secretariat in order to update the data of their pending applications, provided there has been no prior discussion of it.

The necessary certificates are:

  • Copy of Identity Card
  • Recent family status certificate
  • Income Tax Statement (E1 form) of the year 2015
  • Notice of income tax assessment of the year 2015
  • Last property statement (E9 form)
  • Payslips or pension statements or certificate of unemployment issued by OAED for the year 2015
  • Creditors’ debt statements issued after the entry into force date of Law N.4336/2015
  • Solemn declaration on the completeness and correctness of property and conveyance statements
  • Other certificates as per debtor’s judgment.

In case the applicant is married, the aforementioned certificates should be presented as well for the spouse, as they should in case of underage children with property.

The above certificates should be added to the pending files strictly by 14/02/2016. The debtor’s culpable omission of updating the above file data entails rejection of their application.

Attached you will find an example of update transmission.

The Government Gazette (FEK) with the new amendments of Law N. 3869/10 has been issued.

You can see an excerpt from the GG here.


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