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If your credit card is lost or stolen, you should do the following:

  • Contact the bank immediately and declare the theft or loss
  • Request from the bank in written form any unauthorized charges that have been made against you and notice of payment indicating the place, the time held by any transaction and the signature of the holder at this time
  • Apply for contestation regarding unauthorized charges against you and request their deletion. Once you notify the bank then you are not responsible for any transactions made with the credit card. However, your liability is limited to 150 euros if a transaction has been made with the credit card until you notify the bank, unless proven fault or serious negligence.

Useful Advice:

  • Memorize and often change your password (pin)
  • Conceal with your other hand the password when inserting the card to the ATM machine
  • Do not reveal your pin to third parties and never say it while communication online
  • Check regularly that you have your card



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