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We keep bringing class actions against banks, asking the refund of deposited housing loans costs and prepayment penalty.
The Supreme Court rulings are already known to our members – and to judges as well - throughout the pages of our Open Line; as a result, more decisions are being ruled in favour of our members.

Unfortunately, although all bank groups are aware of these rulings some of them insist on discussing the lawsuits and only refund money after being bound by court decision.
Nevertheless, EKPIZO spares no efforts in bringing these class actions while continuing the legal battle with the hope that the banks would change their mind-set and decide to deal with consumers in a straightforward way.

In order to adhere to a class action, you should present us with:

  • A copy of the housing loan contract
  • A copy of the payment receipt of the housing loan costs/prepayment penalty (provided you are a registered member of EKPIZO)

Several class actions have been tried in court regarding the aforementioned issue and consumers have been vindicated by obliging bank groups to refund all illegally withheld money.


From: Tuesday, 1 December, 2015Until: Monday, 31 December, 2018
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