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Delayed arrival

If it is expected that a train arrival will be at least 1 hour late to reach its final destination, then you may:

  • In case your journey has not commenced yet, you are entitled to decide not to travel and to be reimbursed for your ticket, or
  • If you decide to stop traveling during your journey, you will be reimbursed for the unused part of the ticket. Moreover, if due to the delayed arrival you can no longer carry out the purpose of your trip, you have the right to transported back to your point of departure, free of charge, or
  • Continue your journey to your final destination, under the transport company’s responsibility, even if that entails boarding an alternative locomotive, or
  • Continue your journey

If you have completed your journey having being at least 1 hour late, you may demand compensation equal to:

  • 25% of the total value of your ticket, in the event the train delayed within 1-2hours
  • 50% of the total value of your ticket, if the train delayed more than 2 hours

You are not entitled to compensation, if you were aware of the delayed itinerary prior to buying your ticket or if the delay was under 1 hour.

Accommodation & Alimentation
In case of departure or arrival delays exceeding 1 hour, you have the right to free:

  • meals and refreshments
  • overnight accommodation and transport between the railway station and place of accommodation

You may also request from the railway company to illustrate on your ticket the certification of the delay or cancelation of journey. The railway company is under no liability to provide compensation in the event a delay or journey cancelation occurred due to extraordinary circumstances that could not have been avoided.


Should your luggage goes missing during your trip, you are entitled to compensation:

  • up to €1,300/bag, if you can prove its actual value
  • up to €330/bag, in every other occasion

Pet companions

You may travel together with your pet, as long as you:

  • carry your pet companion’s updated health card
  • keep smaller pets inside a special transport basket (Max dimensions 50x40x70cm)
  • Make sure larger pets wear a muzzle and are kept on a leash beside you


For complaints, call:
210 5270762