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Ticket cancelation/modification by the passenger

If you wish to cancel your ticket, prior to traveling, you are entitled to a refund of a certain amount of the initial price, depending on the time of cancelation.


(BEFORE the scheduled departure)


<12 hours


Up to 12 hours


Up to 7 days


Up to 14 days


Regardless of when the passenger notifies to cancel, a full refund of a ticket will occur when there exist proven reasons of force majeure.

  • You receive 100% refund of your ticket (including reservations & VAT)
  • If you do not travel due to your own fault, you miss the ticket.

You may modify your ticket (e.g. change of date) up to 48hours before the scheduled departure, depending on date and seat availability. If the modified ticket costs less than the original, you are not entitled to a refund on the difference of price.

Trip cancelation

Due to the company’s fault
If the company cancels your journey, you are entitled to compensation or other respective benefits to choose from, as long as:

  • You were not notified of the cancelation 1 week before the scheduled departure
  • You were not notified at least 12 hours before the scheduled departure and you were not placed on an alternative journey to your destination within 12 hours of the cancelled trip

Due to ship damage
If your journey is cancelled due to ship damage:

  • If you are notified on time, you can be placed on another journey that reaches your destination within 24hours and the company covers all expenses
  • You can decide to not use your ticket and be refunded the ticket fare
  • If you decide neither to travel to your destination nor to be refunded for your ticket, you are entitled to free alimentation and overnight accommodation inside the ship or a hotel
  • Compensation equal to double the value of your ticket, if due to the company’s fault you do not reach your destination within 24hours

Ship delay

Departure delay
If the ship’s departure is delayed more than 90minutes from the scheduled time, due to the company’s fault, you are entitled to:

  • Not to travel with the delayed ship and be refunded for your ticket fare (both passenger & vehicle)
  • To receive free alimentation & accommodation until the ship departs
  • Compensation ranging from 25%-50% of the total value of your ticket, depending on length of delay
  • Compensation equal to double to double the value of your passenger/vehicle ticket fare, if due to the company you do not reach your destination within 24hours of the scheduled departure time

Delay during the trip
If, due to ship damage or due to the company you are delayed during your journey, you are entitled to:

  • Cease your journey and be refunded for the unused part of your ticket, or
  • Continue your journey and receive compensation ranging from 25%-50% of the total value of your ticket, depending on length of delay

Compensation Table

Scheduled length of journey

25% compensation on value of your ticket

50% compensation on value of your ticket

Arrival delay

< 4 hours

1 hours

2 hours

4 – 8 hours

2 hours

4 hours

8 – 24 hours

3 hours

6 hours

> 24 hours

6 hours

12 hours

Trip interruption

If a trip is interrupted during a trip due to ship damage and you were neither placed in an alternative means to reach your destination nor were refunded for your ticket fare, you are entitled to:

  • Free alimentation and accommodation, throughout the time you wait to continue your journey, or
  • Compensation equal to double the value of your ticket or a similar benefit if the company agrees

Loss of connecting ship

If your trip is delayed or cancelled and you miss your connecting ship that takes you to your final destination, you are entitled to:

  • To reach your destination in the most suitable way, at the company’s expense, after you have updated the company of your connecting journey
  • If your departure takes place the following day, you can receive free alimentation & accommodation at the sea port of your connection journey, at the company’s expense

Ticket discount

The following passenger categories are entitled to discounted tickets:





in economy class

Children up to 5yrs old


People with disabilities >80% & their carers/companions


in all classes

Vehicles for people with disabilities


Large families


in economy class



in economy class

(from 01/09 to 30/06 every year)



The ship cafeterias are obligated to serve the following products in maximum set prices, and have the price list placed in an evident spot.



Bottled water 0.50 ml, (domestic or otherwise, refrigerated or room temperature)


Ham & cheese sandwich or ham & cheese sub,

(grilled or ungrilled)


Cheese sandwich or cheese sub, (grilled or ungrilled)


Greek coffee single


Filter coffee single


Espresso single, (hot or cold)


Instant coffee singlefrappée etc., (hot or cold)


Tea (hot or cold)




The following prices include VAT.

The above rules apply only to not seated consumers and canteens are required to illustrate in writing the following: “Available bottled water, sandwiches, subs, coffees and teas in set prices for not seated consumers”.


These rules do not apply to 1st class passengers.

Prices vary in areas with seated passengers, because they are provided with additional services on board. Coffee prices do not change if milk is added.




Central Sea Port Authorities
Telephone lines
Piraeus: 14944 – 14541 – 2104172675
Rafina: 2294028888
Lavrio: 2292026589, 2292025249


Coastguard Emergency Contact
T: 108

Ministry of Shipping
Τ: 2131371700, 2131374700
F: 2104191561-562-563
e-mail: contact@yna.gov.gr