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Do not count on the advertisements but instead consider:

  • Which services are included in the package offered by the company (Minutes for fixed / mobile phone, Internet speed, contract length, etc.)
  • How much each company charges its services (Prices per minute, or second, with or without VAT)
  • Whether your area is covered by the company’s network you are about to be contracted with
  • When the network connection will start. You shouldn’t wait more than 15 working days for the connection to be activated
  • The terms and conditions specified in the contract of each company. Read carefully the terms and conditions to ascertain whether any restrictions are valid or mentioned or not

Your contract with the telecommunications provider is valid even if it is a verbal contract. However, each company is required to send you the contract form twice to sign.

What to look out for before signing the contract:

  • Ask for the company to send you the contract in order to read the general terms and conditions before signing
  • Read carefully the “fine print” because most of the times unfair terms and conditions of contract or information you should be aware of are “hidden”
  • Ask for clarification and accurate answers when employees of a company are trying to sell you products

What to look out for after signing the contract:

  • Always ask for and receive the contract form signed by you
  • Always check your monthly bill for any "strange" charges
  • Store bills and payment receipts
  • If you have an objection to make, then send your objection in writing to the company
  • If the contract is terminated by the company, do not pay the cost imposed to you by the company as compensation for termination of contract

If what you have agreed on is not applied, then with a written request you can terminate the contract and claim your request.