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Number portability is the ability of telephone customers to keep their number when changing Telecommunications Company. In other words, Phone Number Portability links the phone number to you and not the company of service provider. Phone Number Portability applies to all numbers, fixed, mobile telephony and prepaid telephony.

Mobile Telephony
You can keep the number of your mobile phone (e.g. 69X 111 1111) when changing mobile service provider. Consequently, the first three digits of a mobile telephone number (693, 694, 697, 699), is no longer necessary to indicate which network the subscriber belongs to. Note that the Phone Number Portability does not include transfer fixed number to mobile or vice versa.

Landline Telephone
You can keep the number of your landline (PSTN, ISDN, etc.), when changing service provider and if you stay in the same geographic area. Note that the number transfer within the same geographical area (eg from Maroussi to Kalamaki) without company change, is not part of the Number Portability, but depends on the commercial policy of each company.

There is no fee provision, but the amount depends on the commercial policy of each company. So far, most companies do not charge subscribers for facilitating Portability.

The process
You must contact the company that you wish to transfer your number to and submit a Portability application. The Portability application should also be an application for the termination of services by the old company. You can submit the application to all points of sales where new connections are signed (retail companies or partners).

Moreover, several companies, among which those of mobile telephony, offer the possibility to submit the Portability application simply by dialing a short customer service code. The new company is of charge to promote the Portability application, update the old company for the number portability and termination of connection and also carry out all the procedures for transferring the number.

Phone Number Portability means that you have an activated connection, which is not disconnected due to outstanding and overdue debt obligations. If you have cancelled your connection with the company, then the number is not connected to you and therefore you cannot use it or transfer it.

Phone Number Portability, either for fixed or mobile telephony, should be completed no later than 10 working days after submitting the application.

In the case of mobile telephony, you can specify a longer period than the above, but should not exceed 15 working days.

Source: www.eett.gr