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Contract Information

Contracts signed with electronic communication service providers should be printed in special forms and include at least the following details:

  • Details of the service provider
  • Description of services provided and service quality level
  • Maintenance services
  • Prices and pricing of services
  • The duration of the contract, the conditions for renewal and termination of contract
  • Terms of compensation and payment of overpaid sums in case of poor quality services provided.
  • Dispute resolution within contract enforcement
  • The right to communications secrecy

Lease/Termination of Contract

No compensation for termination of a contract
We have the right to terminate a contract with the service provider without paying fees in cases such as:

  • We are informed by the company that that unilaterally changed the contract within a month time.
  • If the services provided are of poor quality than what is was agreed or if due to technical difficulties are not provided at all

Compensation for termination of a contract
If you wish to terminate the contract before the specified expiration date, then we may be obliged to pay compensation fee to the company. This is even more common when signing contracts with mobile telephony services with subsidized electronic devices where the early termination of the contract must return the amortized amount.