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When you make a distance or off premises purchase of a product or a service you have additional rights.

Distance purchases

Off premises purchases







seller on the street

seller at home or the office etc


The off distance contract is null and void, if prior to its conclusion you were not informed clearly, precisely and in understandable way about the following and any change that may occur:

  • the supplier' s identity and address
  • the essential characteristics of the product or the service
  • the price, the quantity and the transportation expenses, as well as VAT provided it is not included in the price
  • the method of payment, delivery and execution
  • the offer or the price duration
  • the right of withdrawal
  • the average cost for using any means of distance communication, when calculated on a basis other than the basic rate
  • the minimum contract duration in case of supply contracts for durable goods or services or the ones that are executed periodically

Additional information:

In case of phone contact, you should first be informed about the supplier' s identity and the purpose of the call.

  • Products or services are prohibited to be sent to you without having ordered them first, provided that you are asked to make any payment in order to acquire them
  • In case goods are sent or services are provided which you did not order, then you have the right to dispose those products or services at your discretion, without being obliged to pay for them and to store or return them. In case goods are sent or services are provided which you did not order your non response is not considered a consent or tacit acceptance of the transaction on your behalf
  • In off-premises contracts, the recovery of the full or part of the price before the delivery of the product or the provision of the service is prohibited
  • The supplier is obliged to fulfill your order within 30 days from the moment he received the order, unless you have agreed otherwise. If he does not send it within this period, you are entitled to withdraw

The distance contract is null and void if until the delivery of the product you do not receive in writing and in your language the following information:

  • the brand name and the address of the closest supplier' s shop you can contact about the repair of your product
  • the method of payment, including the terms of credit or instalment payment, as well as warranty terms
  • the conditions and the method of exercising your right of withdrawal and a sample of the withdrawal declaration in a separate form or electronic document. During your contract you are entitled upon request to receive those information in writing.
  • information about the after sales services and the current market warranty
  • the terms of contract termination in case of indefinite period or exceeding one year period contracts

The distance or off premises contracts do not apply:

  • in automatic vending machines
  • in automatic vending machines' commercial places
  • in contracts concluded with telecommunication operators through the use of public payphones
  • in supply contracts for food, beverages or household consumption goods which are delivered at home or residence or workplace frequently or regularly
  • in service contracts concerning transportation, accommodation, alimentation and recreation, in case the supplier undertakes the obligation to provide these services on a specific date or within a specific period
  • in off premises contracts for which the payment amount does not exceed €30