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What to notice before the purchase
  • the on line store identity (brand name, principal place of business, commercial registration number, digital certificate, professional association in which the business is registered and other information such as telephone number, address, etc.)
  • the product characteristics, price, currency, method of payment, additional expected expenses, potential taxes and tariffs
  • the method and the time of product delivery
  • the cases of geographical exclusion (shipping restrictions in some countries) and close attention to the return policy
  • the offered after sales services and the dispute settlement mechanism
  • the security requirements, the terms of secrecy and privacy
What to notice during the purchase
  • read the contract terms; they should be written in simple and understandable language and accessible
  • choose carefully the products you want to buy. The product' s characteristics should be clear, true and visible
  • You should give only the strictly required personal data for the transaction
  • and wait for every step of the order to be completed. You do not give a new command believing that it would speed up the process because you may place a second order
  • make sure you received the transaction confirmation via e-mail
  • save or print the transaction confirmation and the return terms
  • if an additional charge is provided for this specific method of payment, this charge can not exceed the real cost
  • default hidden charges are illegal
  • choose prepaid credit cards
  • prepaid network services are preferable for purchases, as they are provided by creditworthy and serious corporations that offer a compensation in case of deception

What you should know after the purchase

You have the right to withdraw, i.e. return the product you bought and get a refund. See here more about the right of withdrawal (right of withdrawal)

You should also know
  • do not forget to ask for warranty for the product you ordered
  • if the product is defective or different from the one you ordered, the seller is obliged to change it on his own charge or to make a refund
  • always keep the information of the seller and the confirmation message for the purchase in order to immediately inform the seller with a written complaint in case of a problem
  • if the problem is not solved or the seller is not cooperative you should contact us by filing a complaint here