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Stock or Outlet stores sell:

  • previous season stock
  • previous years fashion stock
  • canceled or old or non marketed commercial codes stock
  • previous market series stock
  • old in general stock
  • products of outdated technology and consumer habits
  • products of overproduction
  • products that were returned and/or canceled order stock
  • trial or experimental or sample products

They are also allowed to sell used and defective products. The product' s defect should be indicated clearly on the product

The Stock or Outlet stores are obliged to indicate on their products' sign:

  • the former sale price, deleted
  • the new reduced sale price, in a way that makes clear the distinction between the two prices
  • Optionally, the discount rate may be indicated

The Stock or Outlet stores are obliged to indicate on their signs:

  • the words "sales" or "offers" on the respective product categories
  • all intermediate prices deleted
  • the new reduced price in bold

The aforementioned issues are regulated by the Code of Conduct for Consumer protection during the period of offers, the sales period and the promotional action period (Greek Official Government Gazette B' 3107/19-11-2014).