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Before you order and buy a product:

  • proceed to a market investigation and compare prices and quality
  • ask for information about the product type, its properties and operation and rely on informational leaflets or brochures and not only on verbal assurances
  • get information on the way of using the product, its durability and potential life-cycle
  • ask for the warranty provided by the manufacturer, what it includes and its duration
  • learn the exact cost of the product, the method of payment, the time and the method of the product delivery

Method of payment

  • get the exact and detailed information about the method of payment, especially if the price is credited and the purchase is followed by a credit card issuance or a banking loan granting.
  • ask for the relevant charges and the interest rate in order to be sure for the exact total price
  • read the contract terms before signing and ask for clarification if you do not fully understand

When the product is not available, fill in an order form on which it should be clearly indicated:

  • the product, its particular characteristics and its properties. You should in particular ask for the order form, when the seller is also the product' s manufacturer (e.g. order of aluminum windows and doors for the house)
  • the agreed price
  • the method and the time of payment
  • the method of delivery

You should always ask for a copy of the order form with the seller' s original signature. In that way you ensure that if later on the product does not respond to what you ordered, the seller can not refuse what is indicated on the form. When you receive the product you should check it carefully and examine it. Even if the courier is in a hurry, you have the right to inspect it. Do not sign the delivery of the product, if he does not allow you to inspect it. If during the check you realize that it is not what you ordered or that the product is defective, you should refuse to accept it, return it immediately and ask for a new non defective one.

Be really careful, the product must include thorough, written in greek language instructions for its use, its preservation, its maintenance and its full utilization.