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If you buy any product/service, on line or distance or off premises, then:

  • If you change your mind, you can return the product ( withdraw ) within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase and get a refund
  • If the supplier did not inform you about your right of withdrawal, then you may withdraw and return the product within 12 months from the original withdrawal time

In case of digital products, the 14 days period applies; however, if you explicitly declare that you agree to direct download or stream content, you lose your withdrawal right.

Exercise your right of withdrawal:

  • You should exercise your right of withdrawal, before the 14 calendar day period from:

  1. the date you receive the product
  2. the date you conclude the service contract
  • In order to withdraw you should inform the supplier for your decision. You can do that via:

  1. a form of withdrawal or
  2. e-mail or
  3. the relevant form provided by the supplier
  • The supplier should confirm he received the withdrawal declaration
  • You should return the product to the supplier in its original form within 14 calendar days
  • After the supplier receives your request, he shall make the refund within fourteen (14) calendar days
  • You will have to pay the return expenses. In case the supplier had not informed you about those expenses when you made the purchase then the return expenses are on him

If the problem is not solved or the seller is not cooperative you should contact us.