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In shops, there should be:

  • a sign indicating there are sales or offers
  • a double price written on the product: its original price and the after the discount or offer price. Otherwise, it can be indicated on a sign the discount for specific categories of similar products, provided that each category has its original price
  • The discount percentage is permitted but it is not obligatory

Changes-defective products

  • If you buy a product on discount and notice a defect, you have the right to change it or to return it and get a refund
  • If you buy a product on offer, you can not return it. Certainly, you should have been informed and there should be a sign "no returns"

Advices for better purchases

  • You should buy what you need. You should organize and register your personal-family needs
  • You should pay attention to the product quality. There are second rate, defective, dummy products etc.
  • You should make a market investigation prior and during the sales and do not forget that the product prices are freely determined
  • You should be abstemious and not to be seduced by the sales spirit and the opportunities for discounts
  • You should pay attention to the final price and not to the high percentage discount that may be fictitious
  • You should not use credit cards and consumer credit loans irrationally Do not forget that purchases via credit card have a very high interest rate
  • You should always check the final price of the product especially in instalment purchases or via credit card You should check the number and the amount of the instalments, the full interest rate and other potential charges
  • The product price should not be higher if it is paid in full via credit card
  • You should be careful not to exceed the credit card limit because you will pay interest and the product will cost you more
  • Do not forget to ask for the legal receipt, which you should keep, as well as the warranty and the usage instructions that should be in greek

If you find any infringement, fictitious, misleading or inaccurate discounts, then you can contact us and the General Secretariat for Consumer Affairs (tel. 1520)