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Before the accident

Make sure you drive and have attested your driving license suitable for the category of your vehicle. The insurance companies do not cover accidents if it is verified that the driving license has been either expired or is not suitable for the category of the vehicle.

Drive sober, having your seatbelt fastened or wearing your helmet, so the insurance company can settle the damages.

After the accident

If you have a car accident, it is important to follow these steps:

  • Notify the nearest authorized police station and remain at the scene of the accident until the competent authorities arrive
  • Take photos of the original position of the vehicles before you move them, even with your mobile phone. This helps the authorities to evaluate the damages and decide on the liability and the extent of these damages
  • Facilitate road traffic in order to avoid a second accident and move the crashed vehicles in a safe place
  • Exchange information with others involved in the accident, such as name, registration number, phone and mobile phone number, insurance company. If there are witnesses who can describe how the incident occurred, then keep their personal information
  • Both drivers should fill in the Amicable Settlement Form. Make sure you submit it as soon as you can to your insurance company (link)
  • In case of material damage, and if the injured party is not present, you must contact him within 24 hours and inform him adequately about all the relevant information or by contacting the nearest police station
  • Call the accident care service to record the accident statement and move the vehicle in the chosen garage, since due to the accident your vehicle cannot be moved. Accident care service phone number is written on the insurance policy of your vehicle
  • If Accident Care service does not respond then contact your insurer as soon as possible from the time of the accident
  • Before repairing your vehicle, contact your insurer to book an appointment with an expert