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Your health insurance contract is terminated by:

  • Contract validity period expired
  • Termination of contract of one of the Contracting Parties

If it is agreed to tacitly renew the contract after its expiration date, then this renewal can apply for maximum 1 year.

The law proposes termination of an insurance contract when:

  • The insurer realizes that important information regarding insurance risk assessment has been reserved. Then, he has the right to terminate the contract or to request for its amendment within 1 month since the incident. If the insurer request for amendment of the contract and you fail to accept it within 1 month, then the amendment implies denunciation
  • The insurance company is entitled to terminate the contract, when you delay to pay the premium, after you have been given a written notice (proven) to pay your debt within 1 month
  • Contracts of indefinite duration (permanent contracts) can be terminated by both contracting parties at the end of the insurance period. The term of exercising the right is 1 to 3 months

Additional reasons for terminating the contract can be applied if they are provided by the insurance contract.