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In the event of disease or accident, you should notify your insurance company within 8 days unless otherwise provided by the contract. If you miss the deadline, you are still entitled to claim compensation and the payment from the insurance company should be made without any delay.

Any compensation coverage exceptions should be referred clearly and explicitly at the front page of your insurance policy package.

As is provided by law, you are not provided with insurance coverage in the events of:

  • War
  • Civil war
  • Uprising or strikes

Furthermore, you are not entitled to claim compensation if it is proved that:

  • You have concealed important information from your insurer, insurance fraud
  • Preexisting disease before the conclusion of the contract

In the event of preexisting disease, you are entitled to claim compensation if:

  • You are not aware of your disease
  • You have agreed for its coverage in the contract

If the insurance company proposes to sign a new contract and replace the old one, be extra cautious. Check whether the new contract does not cover diseases which were covered by the previous one. If the insurance company refuses to pay the full amount or a part of it, by quoting the conditions of contract, be aware that these conditions may not apply and be unlawful and unreasonable.