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If you want to apply for health insurance policy, the process goes as follows:

  • You apply for an insurance policy to your insurer
  • The insurance company reviews your application and approves your insurance policy
  • The insurance policy is handed to you by the insurance consultant and then the insurance coverage starts
Insurance application

In the insurance application you must fill in your precise personal data, your health condition as well as any other information which enables the insurance company to assess the risk taken. Usually part of this process is to complete a questionnaire.

When submitting your application, the insurance company must give you an information document with the information given below:

  • Corporate identity
  • What kind of coverage it offers
  • Insurance premiums payment dates
  • Redemption value
  • Withdrawal rights
  • The right to object

If you wish, you may be provided with short term insurance coverage, reaching an agreement with the company and drafting a similar document until the approval of your application.

We advise you to request for this information document before submitting your application, so you have time to study it.

The right to object

If you spot any differences between the insurance application and the contract, when you receive it, then you have the right to object within 30 days after receiving the contract. The right to object is issued on paper in a document which is given to you with the contract.

If you have not been informed about the right to object, then you are not restricted by the differences between the application and your insurance policy is valid in accordance with what is stated in the original application.

Withdrawal rights

You have the right to request cancellation (right of rescission) of the contract, without any particular alibi, within 14 days after receiving the contract. This can be done with a written request issued to the company.

Contract details

The insurance policy must include at least the following:

  • Identification of parties (company and recipient/beneficiary)
  • Insurance policy duration
  • Insured object or insured person
  • Financial value of the insured object
  • What kind of risks are insured
  • Upper bound on the insurer’s liability
  • Exclusions in insurance policy
  • Premium
  • Applicable law