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Price list

  • All restaurants are obliged to display the price list at the entrance (Decision Α2-718/GG2090/Β/31-7-2014 articles 89, 90, 91 & 92)
  • All restaurants are required to leave a price list on every other table and to provide it to every customer before placing the order
  • The price list is required to be written in Greek and optionally in any other language
  • The final prices should always be displayed, as well as the notification: “Consumer is not obliged to pay if the notice of payment has not been received (receipt - invoice)”
  • In case of frozen fish, meat or vegetables, the menu is required to mention “frozen”, as well as “pre-cooked” or “pre-fried” for food
  • The type of oil used raw in food should be mentioned

Cover charge

  • Cover charge is prohibited and no product (i.e. bottled water and bread) should be offered and charged without prior consent of the customer (Ministerial Order Α2/718/28-07-2014)
  • Transgressors shall be punished with an administrative penalty of 500 euros per type

Complaint sheet
All restaurants are required to keep “Complaint sheets” in triple copy within a special box in a conspicuous spot at the restaurant’s exit, in order to be filled by the consumer – in case of complaint – and be sent to the competent Commerce Department of every district.


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