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Before you sign an agreement with a Weight Loss Institute or a Fitness Centre, you must be aware of the following:

  • You should be given copies of all agreements, signed by both parties, containing complete details of the business
  • You should be given a separate contract rescission form together with the agreement
  • The business should not receive an advance higher than 2.5% of the agreed total price, before the contract is to be performed
  • You should be given documents for each session you undertake and be made aware of its financial value

If you decide to sign a contract with a Beauty Salon or agree to a Gym membership:

  • In the occasion that you have not undertaken a session, you may, then, rescind the contract within 30 calendar days
  • In the event that you have undertaken several sessions, but you do not wish to continue, you are entitled to cancel the contract and be given your money back for the sessions that were not performed contingent upon a 2.5% charge on the returned amount

The above information is provided for by the Ministerial Decision Z1 1262/20 .

In the case that the aforementioned guidelines are not met by the business you contracted with, you need to claim your legal rights.

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