fbpx Vision and Principles | ekpizo

Since 1988, we have defended every day our rights as consumers. We seek accurate and timely information and for everyone to realize the power we have as consumers to achieve a balanced and fairer market that:

  • Prioritizes the provision for our needs over the reckless pursuit of maximum profit

  • Respects the legislation, our rights as consumers, our dignity, the environment, the general human values

  • Proves that it understands its responsibility for our health and safety

  • Operates based on the principle of transparency and seeks to gain our trust through good practice and not by hiding the truth through misleading information campaigns

Although we run the risk of being characterised as utopians, we envision a certain type of society. This society will serve above all our needs, will ensure our prosperity, will be fair towards us, will treat us equally and not exclude anyone, will inspire creativity and solidarity, will care for the environment and for future generations.