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  • We are the Consumers’ Association “The Quality of Life”, which is abbreviated in Greek as ΕΚΠΟΙΖΩ (‘’EKPIZO’’)
  • EKPIZO was founded in 1988 with the aim to protect our rights as consumers and improve our quality of life
  • We derive from EPIZO (Ε.ΠΟΙ.ΖΩ) – Association for the “Quality of Life” – a non-governmental and non-profit organization with a wide scope of activities ranging from environmental to social and cultural. Consumer issues were given special attention and the gradual development of this sector resolved in the establishment of EKPIZO.
  • We are a non-profit, private legal entity. We are subject to the legislation governing the operation of Associations, as well as the specific legislation governing the operation of Consumer Associations (Regulation 2251/94, as modified and currently in force, on “consumer protection”)
  • We are a Certified Consumer Union, registered in the General Secretariat of Trade and Consumer Protection (www.efpolis.gr) of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, registration number 03/30-09-2009.
  • We are managed by a Board of Directors of 7 members elected every 2 years in the General Meeting of Members
  • Our main office is located in Athens, while our operating branches can be found in Thessaloniki, Patra and Aghios Demetrios in Attica.
  • We have:
    26,200 registered members
    Employees (Athens 7, Thessaloniki 1, Patra 1)
    62 volunteers in Athens-Thessaloniki-Patra (25 permanent volunteers, 37 temporary volunteers)
  • Our funding comes from (information 2014)1:
    Member donations (36.4%)
    Financial contributions in the form of ‘projects’ from the European Commission, or other national, European and international organizations (54%)
    Subsidies from the General Secretariat for Trade and Consumer Protection (0% as of 2010)
    Sums resulting from Court rulings (8.6%)
  • We are members of:
    Panhellenic Federation of Consumer Associations, POMEK “THE INTERVENTION”(POMEK, http://www.pomek.gr)
    European Consumer Organization (BEUC, http://www.beuc.eu)
    European Consumer Organization for the standardisation of products & services (ANEC, http://www.anec.eu)
    Consumers International (CI, http://www.consumersinternational.org)
    Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD, http://www.tacd.org)

1 Under the specific legislation governing the operation of Consumer Associations, any form of financing or financial assistance from financial and political-party interests is prohibited